Program to take payment at closing

How we help in Real Estate Transactions 

Studies show that as much as 50% of the air we breathe inside our homes come from the crawlspace! However, it is an area of our home that we do not often see or explore. So, half of the air we breathe comes in contact with things that we may never see. This is why many of our clients discover they need our services when the home inspector submits their report. The seller rarely, if ever, thinks about the hidden areas of their home prior to listing a home. Meanwhile, the buyers understand the significance of breathing in clean air. So when this happens the buyers and sellers must negotiate how to solve the problem. That is where we come to help!   

We have a program to take payment at ‘closing.’ That means that if we do work on a job that is involved in a real estate transaction the buyer, seller or both may secure funds to pay for our services thru the real estate closing process. Generally, this program is utilized by the seller because they can then use part of their proceeds from closing on their home to cover our services.  This can be very helpful for investors or others who need to keep a strong cash flow position. This can also be helpful for our real estate partners who are negotiating for their clients to keep the deal together and get everyone to the closing table.